The Story

The Story

Orbisa lives with her husband and nine children in Afar, north-east Ethiopia – one of the hottest inhabited places in the world. During the rainy season, Orbisa could collect water from a river just five minutes’ walk from her village. As the dry season has extended due to the changing climate, this river has now dried up and no longer provides for Orbisa and her family. Orbisa and other women from her village now have to travel for hours each night to collect water for their families.



Afar, Ethiopia
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The theme of climate justice touches on many issues including politics, trade, and human rights. To learn more about the climate crisis, the inequalities it emphasises, and how different organisations are working towards a fairer and more sustainable world, check out the links below:

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As we approach COP26, there are a lot of opportunities to take action both to combat the climate crisis and to work to build active resourcing and support for communities most affected by the climate crisis. Click on any of the links below for starting points to get involved:

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Working for a sustainable future must centre on the people most affected by the climate crisis, but the weight of changing the world can’t fall on them alone. You can help support and amplify grassroots movements, make your voice heard and show solidarity in a number of ways. Find out more clicking on the links below:

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