Climate Justice Fund Campaign

The Story

Climate Justice Fund Campaign

The Story

This film was made by Stop Climate Choas Scotland in the run up to the 2021 Scottish Election and explains why they think it is necessary to have a climate Justice fund supporting climate action across the world.

A simple fact lies at the heart of the climate crisis: those who have done the least to cause it are those who are suffering most. As a hub of the industrial revolution, Scotland bears a huge historic responsibility alongside other rich nations for fuelling climate change. Even today, knowing what we know about the impact of our emissions, we still use more than our fair share of the planet’s resources. The most vulnerable among the world’s poorest communities, especially women and people of colour, are paying the highest price for our failure to act sooner.

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Educate Yourself

The theme of climate justice touches on many issues including politics, trade, and human rights. To learn more about the climate crisis, the inequalities it emphasises, and how different organisations are working towards a fairer and more sustainable world, check out the links below:

Get Involved

As we approach COP26, there are a lot of opportunities to take action both to combat the climate crisis and to work to build active resourcing and support for communities most affected by the climate crisis. Click on any of the links below for starting points to get involved:

Show Solidarity

Working for a sustainable future must centre on the people most affected by the climate crisis, but the weight of changing the world can’t fall on them alone. You can help support and amplify grassroots movements, make your voice heard and show solidarity in a number of ways. Find out more clicking on the links below:

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