Yuma Nagata in Ho Chi Minh City

The Story

The Story

Yuma Nagata, originally from Japan, is the sustainability manager of a small but prized restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam called Pizza 4P’s that delivers exceptional Pizza made with farm-to-table ingredients, all sustainably produced and used to follow a zero-waste model.  Using excess whey for producing beers and food-waste for compost (in its in-house farm) are just two small examples of the steps the organisation takes to reach its goals.

This is a photo of Nagata taken by our Project Manager in Vietnam during a visit around the restaurant’s in-house farm. Nagata says there are plans to continue innovating, using black soldier flies for food waste, making charcoal from coconut, chicken-feed from shells, and biofuel from waste-oil.

Nagata’s organisation is a key example of circular innovation being driven in the heart of this buzzing Vietnamese city; innovation that is essential to help keep all kinds of waste, but especially organic waste, away from landfills. The WasteAid Circular Economy Network is supporting organisations like Pizza 4P’s in their quest to build an inclusive circular economy in Vietnam.

Yuma Nagata in Ho Chi Minh City

Pizza 4P’s restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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